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Strong Words is a magazine for everyone with an appetite for books, who likes the sensation of stepping into a bookshop and who gets a thrill out of reading.

Whatever your taste in pages, I’m sure you’re always looking for imaginative suggestions about what to read to next. That’s what Strong Words is for.

According to Nielsen, there were over 200,000 books published in the UK in 2014. That’s more than 500 new titles every day of the year. Who couldn’t use a little help finding out what’s new when you’re that spoilt for choice?

For sure, you can find some of that information in the papers, but they’re not exactly generous with their space, given the pressure to accommodate an avalanche of new films and television programmes along with the celebrity du jour.

Even then they maddeningly often review the same books on the Sunday as they looked at on the Saturday.

And they love to review the hardback, when the majority of people prefer to consume the softer format, several months later.

There’s always the internet, but how many reliable and enjoyable sources of new titles have you found there?

Also, reading about new books and the people who wrote them should be a pleasure in itself. I’ve subscribed to the other publications dedicated to new books and the speed with which they’ve piled up unread indicates to me that they don’t share that perspective.

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(Ed Needham, editor)