For those of you curious to learn more about what this new magazine for book obsessives is, but aren’t quite confident enough to make the leap to outright purchase without a clear sense of what you’re getting involved in, Strong Words has put together a gateway strategy.

In its first few issues, before upgrading to the sexy new premium magazine format that is its current incarnation, Strong Words was published as a tabloid on newsprint.

As the Strong Words depot still has a few of these issues left over, the first 100 people to send a UK name and address to will receive a recent issue of Strong Words for free, delivered to that very door.

Issue 3 of Strong Words, free to the first 100 people to ask for one

Although the paper favoured for these earlier issues is less sophisticated, the content is of the same blistering quality as in the new format.

Strong Words’ most ardent wish is that having been reassured as to the product, you’ll then move confidently on to the new version, which can be ordered at or even sign up for a subscription.

The choice is yours and there is no obligation attached. Other than the first 100 requests receiving a free copy, no one signing up for this barely believable offer will be pestered by any sort of win-a-greenhouse marketing initiatives.

So let’s be having you!

(Strong Words regrets it can only send one issue per household)